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I never thought my life would be nothing but normal, but at this point in my life, I'd tell you, no one's life will ever be normal, ever again.

It was a warm august morning. We find a small house; inside the second story window we find a 18 year old girl how can't decided what to wear to the first day of her collage boarding school.

"Mom I don't know what to wear."The girls said as she holds up a shirt over her chest while looking at herself in the mirror.

"Well, you could always wear the school uniform." Said the girl's mother

"Mom, that uniform is lame." Said the girl

"Lilly, come on, just try it, for me, please." Begs Lilly's mother

Lilly look down on her bed to see a white button up shirt, a dark red tie, a dark red over jacket with gold trimming on the wrist, and a dark red mini skirt.

"At least it's not gray." Lilly thought to her self

"Come on Lilly, you know dark red is your favorite color." Lilly's mother said

Lilly knows her mom wouldn't drop the subject until she gave in.

"Okay mom." Said Lilly

After what seemed like an hour, Lilly had put on her uniform. She then turned around to look at herself in the mirror.

"It's missing something." Lilly thought to herself

She the continued to put her long blond hair into pig tails.

"Okay, let's get this over with." Lilly thought to herself as she grabbed her bags
Before Lilly left her room she grabbed her pendant and a strange metal slider, both of which were found with her when she was left at the orphanage. For these two objects was the only thing that she has to help her find out about her parents. After an hour, they had arrived at the collage. Lilly and her mother drove through the gates with a metal sigh that said, Rose marry boarding school.

"Well, here's the beginning of my new life."Lilly thought to herself

But how little she knew, that this is the beginning of not just her new life. But also the beginning, the beginning of something much bigger then her, something of which she would never be propared for
i have decided to tell the story of the three oc's i made,here's chapture one
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May 24, 2011
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