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It was one stormy night that i meet my trainer.I was swimming across the sea when a strong storm came,it was to strong,i clided with a rock and was kocked out cold.when i woke up i was on a beach,i tryed to stand up,but my leg was broken.


i was helpless,till i heard something, what i heard was.

"charizard,use flame thrower."

i turned to see a wall of fire heading right for me,it hit.

"AHHHHH!"i cryed in pain

i looked up to see a trainer.

"now to capture you,you little buizel."he said as he pulled out a poke ball

"NO!LEAVE HIM ALONE!"i heard a female vioce say.

i was to weak,i couldn't stay awake,i fanited in pain.

"when i woke up i was in a strang room,it was white,then a woman with red hair,looked over me and said.

"why hello sleepy head,i hope you feel better,do you?"she said

i nodded my head to say yes.

"good,because there's some one here to see you."said the woman

"thank you nurse joy,"said a girls voice,wait i recognize that voice."hello there,how are you feeling?"said the girl

i looked up to see a girl with dark skin,black hair,blue eyes,and she was wearing a purple sleeveless shirt,black shorts,and black shoes.

"well,how you feeling?"she asked

i said yes,but im sure all she heard was "bui".

"hm,good."she said

"wait i didn't introduce myself,im Jayla."she said as she handed out her hand for me to shake.i spred out my paw to shake her hand.

"don't worry about that guy who was trying to catch you,hes gone."Jayla said as she begain to reach to her back pocket.

"i was woundering,if you don't want to get hurt like you did today,then why not join me and my pokemon."Jayla said as she pulled out a poke ball.

"you see,being a rare pokemon like yourself,will put you into alot of danger."Jayla sais as she put the poke ball on the bed right in frount of me.

could she be talking about my red fur?most buizel's were orange,i was red.

"its for you to deside,"she said"you dont have to join me."

i begain to think of all the think's i would miss if i went with Jayla,running free in the forest,going where ever i want,sleeping under the stars.but i then begain to think of the thing's i would gain,adventure,friend's,and if what Jayla said was true,i would get savety.

"i understand if you dont want to go,i mean with all the things you woul-"she said as i put my paw over her mouth.

i then pocked the poke ball to go in,i then saw a flash of red light and i was in.

and from that day,me,Jayla,and all her other pokemon were happy,i hope alll you other pokemon can have a person that is willing to help you,just dont ever say no.
this is for my vary goog friend Jayla,i hope you like the story,of how i and Jayla meet,see ya guys.
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June 7, 2011
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